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Chemring Energetic Devices

Chemring Energetic Devices (CED) is a leader in energetic, mechanical, CAD/PAD, and electronic sub-systems serving the aerospace and defense markets, with strong component sales to Missiles, Munitions, Space and Ammunition prime contracts.  CED has retained and developed the necessary expertise, skills and facilities to undertake research, design/development, qualification, manufacture and life-cycle support of energetic materials, devices and systems.


  • Cartridge-actuated devices, propellant-actuated devices (CAD/PAD)
  • Electric Initiators
  • Mechanical Initiators
  • Gas Initiators
  • Gas Generators
  • Time Delays
  • Arm/Fire Devices
  • Stage Separation Subsystems
  • Retention Devices
  • Impulse Cartridges
  • Separation Nuts
  • Pyro Valves
  • Cutting Devices
  • Explosive Bolts
  • Thrusters
  • Actuators
  • Power Cartridges, Squibs and Initiators
  • Denonating Cartridges
  • Separation Bolts
  • Cutters
  • Pin Puller and Pin Pushers
  • Through Bulkhead Initiators
  • Electro-mechanical Safe Arm Fire Devices
  • Bolt Catchers
  • Electronic Safe Arm Fuzes
  • Flight Termination Fuzes
  • Exploding Bridgewire (EBW) Initiators and Detonators
  • Exploding Foil Initiators
  • Laser Detonators and Initiators
  • Laser Arming and Firing Initiators
  • Acoustic Firing Devices
  • Advanced Firing Control Systems
  • High Energy Firing Unit

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