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Chemring Sensors and Electronic Systems

Chemring Sensors and Electronic Systems (CSES) is a world leader in the design, development and production of Counter-IED Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems. CSES combat ready GPR systems are the leading edge of mine detection technology and are successfully being used by US and Coalition forces in Afghanistan.

A US leader in chemical and biological threat detection and has an advanced capability in stand-off detection of improvised explosive devices (“IEDs”). It is the incumbent supplier for two major US military vehicle-mounted detection programmes: The Joint Biological Point Detection System (“JBPDS”) and the Joint Service Lightweight Stand-off Chemical Agent Detector (“JSLSCAD”). In addition, its products include a stand-off IED and explosives detector and the Juno hand-held chemical detector.


  • Husky Mounted Detection Systems (HMDS™)
  • R-VISOR™
  • Minestalker™ Series with VISOR 3200
  • Handheld Detection Systems
  • Chemical and Biological Threat Detection Systems
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