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Energetic Systems

Chemring is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality, high-reliability, and zero-maintenance pyromechanical energetic subsystems that meet the demanding requirements of mission critical systems in the Aerospace, Space and Defence markets.  Applications include military training and operations; including our own Pyrotechnic and Munitions products, emergency egress, demolition, bomb-disposal, missile and space-systems.

Chemring is a leading manufacturer of military pyrotechnic products. The company specialises in 40mm grenades and signalling, obscuring, illuminating or explosive effects.

Energetic Systems Products

    Space and satellite launch

    • Initiators
    • Separation sub-systems
    • Thrusters and actuators
    • Safe and Arm systems

    Safety Systems

    • Aircrew egress
    • Canopy cutting charges
    • Cartridge actuated devices
    • Pyromechanisms and actuators


    • Propellants
    • Explosives
    • Energetic materials
    • Rocket motors

     Energetic Sub-Systems Brochure

Military Pyrotechnic Products

    Land forces ammunition

    • 40mm grenades
    • Mortar ammunition

    Pyrotechnic smokes and illumination

    • Military smokes, flares and rockets
    • Distraction and screening products
    • Pyrotechnic payloads
    • Submarine distress signals

    Pyrotechnic training effects

    • Pyroctechnics and launchers

    Minefield breaching systems

     Military Pyrotechnics Brochure

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