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Chemring completed the acquisition of key assets and technology from Esterline’s UK-based subsidiary, Wallop Defence Systems in May 2016. This further strengthened the air countermeasures portfolio and positioning, particularly in the European market.


Chemring reached an agreement with Esterline to buy patents, equipment, stock and selected contracts relating to Esterline’s UK-based subsidiary, Wallop Defence Systems, subject to approval by the UK Ministry of Defence (“MoD”) and the UK Competition and Markets Authority, is expected to occur in the second quarter of FY16. 


Chemring acquired 3d-Radar AS, a subsidiary of Curtiss-Wright Corporation, in May 2014. 3d-Radar, based in Trondheim, Norway, is a leading developer of commercial three-dimensional (3D) ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology.

Chemring sold Chemring Defence Germany, Simmel Difesa, and Mecar.


Chemring acquired General Dynamics Detection Systems operations, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, in July 2011. The business, which will now operate as Chemring Detection Systems, Inc, is a US leader in chemical and biological threat detection and has an advanced capability in stand-off detection of improvised explosive devices (IEDs).


Chemring acquired Mecar SPRL, based in Nivelles, Belgium and the business and assets of Mecar USA Inc., based in Marshall, Texas in September 2010. Mecar SPRL is a niche manufacturer of medium and large calibre ammunition, particularly for modern, light armoured vehicles.

Chemring acquired Roke Manor Research Limited ("Roke"), based in Romsey, UK, in September 2010. Roke is a world-class engineering company that provides contract research, product development and low volume production for a wide range of UK and international customers. It is a leading developer of advanced sensors, signal processing, communications and network solutions for the countermeasures, counter-improvised explosive device (counter-IED), counter-terrorism and industrial markets.


Chemring acquired Hi-Shear Technology Corporation ("Hi-Shear") in November 2009. Hi-Shear, based in Los Angeles, USA, is a leading manufacturer of high reliability energetic solutions that perform critical functions in key US space and defence programmes, including satellites, space launch vehicles, missile defence and aircrew egress.


Chemring acquired Titan Dynamics Systems, Inc. ("Titan") from The Allied Defense Group, Inc. in March 2008. Titan, based in Marshall, Texas, USA, is a leading manufacturer of battlefield effects simulators (BES), which are incorporated into the US Army’s and Marine Corps’ digital training ranges.

Chemring acquired Scot, Inc. ("Scot") from SMS Industries, Inc. in July 2008. Scot, based in Downers Grove, Illinois, USA, is a leading manufacturer of cartridge-actuated and propellant-actuated devices (CAD/PADs) used in aircraft emergency systems and for aircrew egress.

Chemring acquired Martin Electronics, Inc. ("MEl") in August 2008. MEI, based in Perry, Florida, is a specialist manufacturer of ammunition, fuzes, signalling and other pyrotechnically activated devices for use in the defence sector.

Chemring acquired Non-Intrusive Inspection Technology, Inc. (“NIITEK”) in December 2008. NIITEK, based in Virginia, USA, is a leading developer of robot and vehicle-mounted mine detection systems incorporating its advanced Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and metal detection technologies.


Chemring acquired Simmel Difesa S.p.A.("Simmel") in March 2007.

Chemring acquired the High Energy Materials business of Dyno Nobel ASA ("HEM"), a subsidiary of Orica Limited, in June 2007. HEM, based in Saetre, Norway, manufactured and supplied RDX and HMX, and other niche energetic materials for explosives and propellant applications.

Chemring acquired Richmond Electronics & Engineering Limited ("Richmond") in November 2007. Richmond, based in Norfolk, UK, was a leading manufacturer of disruptors and other equipment for the safe neutralisation of Improved Explosive Devices (IEDs) and unexploded ordnance


Chemring acquired Leafield Engineering Limited ("Leafield Engineering") in January 2006, Technical Ordnance, Inc. ("Technical Ordnance") in March 2006, and B.D.L. Systems Limited ("BDL") in September 2006.


Chemring extended its technical capabilities in the field of energetic materials by targeted acquisitions.

Chemring acquired Nobel Energetics Limited ("Nobel"), which at the time was known as Troon Investments Limited, from Inabata UK Limited, Mr Michael Parker and Mr Charles Tuchel in September 2005. Nobel, based in Ardeer, Scotland manufactured and supplied a range of pyrotechnic and propellant devices, rocket motors and demolition stores.

Chemring acquired Comet GmbH, Pyrotechnik-Apparatebau ("Comet"), a subsidiary of Diehl Stiftung & Co KG, in November 2005. Comet, based in Bremerhaven, Germany, manufactured and supplied a range of military and marine pyrotechnics.


Chemring acquired Kilgore Flares Company LLC, making the Group the largest provider of decoys to the US Department of Defense.


Chemring established a presence in the United States with its first US acquisition, Alloy Surfaces Company Inc.


The company acquired its main competitor, Hayley & Weller. This resulted in Chemring supplying the majority of UK Ministry of Defence’s countermeasure and military pyrotechnic needs.


Chemring rapidly increased production of countermeasures in support of the US-led coalition in the first Gulf War.


Chemring acquired pyrotechnics specialists Pains Wessex and moved into IR decoys.


The Falklands war was a significant event. It highlighted a major threat to the British fleet from sea-skimming missiles. Within weeks Chemring opened a new factory to produce aluminium glass chaff decoys against this threat.


The company had an enhanced process for silver coating nylon filaments and lightweight radar reflectors used on Meteorological Office balloons to measure wind speed. The Royal Swedish Air Board and the UK Ministry of Defence became interested in the coated filaments for use as chaff as a radar decoy. 


The British Foreign & Colonial Automatic Light Controlling Company Limited – later to become Chemring – was founded.

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